12 junio, 2024

How to Find a MAC Address in Windows 10

The MAC address of a computer plays a major role in connecting
your PC to the network and further to the Internet. There may be
instances when you need to know your computer’s MAC address. A few
reasons may include:

  1. The systems administrator of your office network may want it for DHCP reservation.
  2. You may have enabled MAC Filtering in your wireless router and want to add the MAC address of your PC to the access list.
  3. You may want to block a particular Windows 10 PC from accessing your network on the basis of MAC address.
  4. You may want to make or change the firewall rules on the basis of the computer’s MAC address.
  • In some computers, there are two LAN cards present for both wired and
    wireless network connections, and each LAN card has its own MAC address.
    Depending on the type of network your computer is connected to, you may
    need to check the MAC address of the respective LAN card.

    Here is how you can check the MAC address of all the NICs present in your Windows 10 PC:

    1. Sign in to your Windows 10 PC using any account.
      Note: You can check the MAC address of the
      NICs present in your computer using any account. However to make any
      changes to the network configuration, an administrator account must be
    2. From the desktop screen, right click the Start button from the bottom-left corner.
    3. From the context menu, click Command Prompt.
    4. In the opened command window, type the IPCONFIG /ALL command and press Enter.
    5. The output would display information about the available LAN
      cards, and you can see the MAC address of your preferred NIC next to its
      Physical Address field.
    6. Once you have noted the MAC address, you can safely close the command window by typing the EXIT command and pressing Enter, or by clicking the Close button from the top right corner of the window.
  • Fuente: http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-2723687/find-mac-address-windows.html

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