24 junio, 2024

Moving the default system folders to different location is not recommended. If you would change the location, it would be on your own risk at Microsoft we do not recommend.
If you want to change the location for all the files including the Application data and personal files then you can follow the below steps by logging into each account separately:

i. Open Windows explorer and create a new folder is the desired drive (Ex: D: Drive)
ii. Re-name the folder as desired name (Ex: Documents)
iii. Click the start menu, in the search box type in ‘shell:UsersFilesFolder’ (Without quotes)
iv. Right click on the folder that you want to move to a different location
v. Select Properties
vi. Click on Location tab, select move
vii. Navigate to the location you want to move ( the new folder you had created in step 1)
viii. Click on select folder, click OK
ix. If you are prompted for permission of Move folder, click OK
If you check back at the C:Users (user-name) location, you will notice that the user folder (ex: Documents) that you moved is no longer there, but is still at the Start Menu (shell: UsersFilesFolder) location. You will also notice that the folder at the location (ex: D drive) you moved the user folder to, now has the default user folder (ex: Document) icon.

If you have already tried these steps,
Alternatively, you can select only the folders you like to move by following the below steps:

i. Right click on the documents folder Go to Properties
ii. Under the library location tab, add a location where you like to save the files

Thanks and Regards:
Samhrutha G S – Microsoft Support.

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